I’m FURAN, an independent solo artist from Santiago, Chile.

After being involved in band after band over the years, I decided to take full responsibility of my own project while giving the world a glimpse of my often inhibited mind (in song format). My music reflects whatever I was thinking in the exact moment I came up with it and I guess it might serve as a sort of psychological portrait of whatever is going on in my head.

My music wouldn’t be complete without its most important counterpart, the visual aspect, which I’m always working on and coming up with ideas to reach a very graphic display of elements that contribute to what I intended to say in the first place.

This requires a lot of work, resources, time and money, so my objective is to promote my project in order to sign up with a company that’s willing to endorse my ideas and believe in me as an artist.

Finally, I’m proud to announce my first independent EP release; “In order to rot.”, which I consider to be a very summed-up one-way-only journey through my views and opinions about consciousness and reality. It is also my showcase material that marks the official beginning of my career and activities as an artist.

Please support and spread the word.

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